1hr Private Consultation: €60

Further consultation is also available at an hourly or daily rate.

Plan your own private latex, BDSM, and/or fashion photography session with one of our incredible professional photographer partners.

After years of experience working for film productions, music videos, product and fashion shoots, and performance tours creating tailor-made latex outfits and BDSM items and consulting on-set or on-location, I wanted to offer this expertise to my private clients as well. Now you have the chance to experience the magic yourself in your own private shooting, complete with a professional consultation.

Whether an individual, and pair, or a group, in your full hour consultation we will take care of you, giving you advice and support on the aesthetics, and coordinating the practicalities. As a designer I will help you realise your ideas to create some extraordinary images. With our professional studio cameras you can then have a photo session with me, or with one of our amazing partners.

In addition to pure consulting, I can also quickly access existing latex creations/fashion for productions and orders at short notice or produce new creations as individual one-offs. A special feature is the use of 3-D effects in the finished latex pieces.


  • Andreas Fux (BDSM, fetish)
  • Victor Martimore (queer fashion)
  • Enrico Nawrath (classic, elegant, timeless)
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