Corona Update [EN]

We still hope, that we will soon be able to return to our normal life.


As we already told you in our Newsletter “CORONA 1“, we were not allowed to open our store. Our team was not even allowed to work, because our workshop is located within our showroom.


On Friday, 24.04.2020 we will reopen our store and start working in the workshop again.

We ask for your understanding that our team will not be working together in the workshop but alone.




Ongoing orders:

All costumers that ordered something starting from 01.03.2020, will get a voucher of 30€ as an excuse of all the discomfort that arose from the shutdown.


Our thank you:

Thank you for your understanding in this horrible situation.


Our special offer during Corona crisis:

As some of you may already know, there will be the possibility to support us trough this hard time.

Therefore you only need to order our rubber face mask. Every mask includes a voucher of 25€, that you can use for your next order. 

In addition you will also get a voucher of 25€ on every 100€ purchase.




Your SAR Team

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