Corona Update FIVE

Corona update 5 - the XMas LOCKDOWN


Berlin will be in the second LOCKDOWN from December 16, 2020.

Christmas and New Year's Eve will be damn quiet this year and the year 2021 will begin in a way that none of us ever wanted.


In the first wave of the crisis, we as traders had to crack some really tough nuts.

SAR Berlin has decided to give up the big store and has moved into a small studio on Kurfürstenstrasse 5.


Which, according to our customers, has turned out to be a great advantage.



We are extremely happy about the support of all of our customers and hope that we will soon all be able to celebrate together again in Berlin at a party.


We hope for next Easter - sounds strange, but unfortunately it's true.

According to the BDSM scene and its associations, there will be an Easter meeting in 2022.

Let's not hope so.




Germany is a different place than the one we all knew.

In the last few months we have all been challenged to think differently and act differently. Adaptation and the constant wearing of a mask have partly taken away our desire to buy.


Now Germany and the world are beginning to change again and we have to make further adjustments in order to help each other, also in the "second wave" of this bad Corona season we wait and hope that it will pass us all unscathed.


The situation changes daily and we face different challenges at different times around the world.


The health and safety of all employees is always our top priority and we do everything we can to make everyone feel safe and valued.




Our employees will not work during the entire corona lockdown. For this reason, the delivery times will also change somewhat during "Corona".


Due to the very high order situation, the delivery time for all online orders remains at 4 weeks. Customization continues at 9 weeks.




Our thanks to you:


Thank you for ALL of you to have such a great understanding for us in this terrible situation.


Leave the "CLICK" in your country


Our actions in the corona crisis:

As some of you have already noticed, there is an opportunity to support us through this difficult time.

All you have to do is order one of our latex face masks. In addition to the mask, you will also receive a 25 € voucher from us, which you can redeem for your next order.




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