For my last 8 years, the background was always a big problem.


In the past, often I had to work with the model and photographer in kitchens, showrooms and cellars. Often was the picture than „sad and cheap“.


Nothing is more important in product photography like the perfect background.


it doesn't always have to be white, in recent years as a consultant I have often received criticism of my color backgrounds, from authors, models and photographers.


However, the criticism was very quickly translated into praise and I am proud that the color background is becoming more and more prevalent.




The model is very important


The background is important


but the most important thing is always a photographer who knows how to inhibit the model.


Andreas Fux has been accompanying me as a photographer for years. Often it crashed on the set, because I did not always agree with him work or I was thinking that I could do it better. But if I have learned one thing, then Andreas Fux can do just that, which many photographers, who are also really good, have to learn:


Fetish photography is an art and the latex material is an indescribable Bitch. ;)




Big thanks to:






Andreas Fux


Thomas Eggers


Thomas Krug & Die Cottbusserin

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