A yellow rubber coat - Bottega Veneta [EN]

Rubber is an inherent part of high fashion and its hard to imagine it without.


Whether it was Vivienne Westwood, who 1974 renamed her store on Kings Road 430 into „SEX“ and thenceforth sold her first rubber creations. The stores breakthrough started with the new name. Rumors are saying that the store is the birthplace of the tour outfits that the Sex Pistols wore.


Alexander McQueen, Prada, Gucci and now also Bottega Veneta. Latex is getting more dominant in the high priced fashion world.


However, not everyone is a fan of this fact. While one might love it and already starts saving money for a yellow rubber coat for 3000€, another person might question the hype around rubber and think that it will disapear as fast as it appeared.


Does it make sense to sell rubber in a high classed department store and then for prices that high?


I only see the positiv aspects of this trend. It seems that the times of hiding have come to an end. Rubber is no taboo anymore. Everyone shall live his life as he wants and being able to wear what he wants.


And why shouldn’t someone with too much money buy a 3000€ coat, that will be OUT the next season anyways? ;)

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