Sven Appelt and RubAddiction

“But ok, it's your thing, you're slimy
A little major, a little minor, you don't need much
I didn't mean to hurt anyone, it wasn't my goal
And now make a good "Mine" for the tragedy. ” - Edgar Wasser-
The Berghain in Berlin is definitely more than the "Junkies Club".
For me it is one of the largest galleries in the world.

TECHNO - SEX - FETISH - FASHION - ART - that's why I had to say; I do it


HERRENSAUNA BERLIN and Sven Appelt staring the first collection of the great Herrensauna Brand in Rubber.
Check it out...
It's hard to imagine haute couture without latex.
Rubber in the context of art. How a fashion design student used an uncommon material for her project. The result is amazing.

the BLEACHERS- Jeans....

Rubber is Gummi and Art is Kunst but when you mixed it then is it a pair of the Bleachers Jeans.


Bookings as stylist

D´ArtCore Photography and Sven Appelt Rubber

Photos, Mostly Butt-Naked, In Berlin