Corona update 7



Germany is today a different place from the one we all knew. In recent months we have all been challenged to think and behave differently. Conformity, masks, tests, lockdowns. They have partly taken away our desire to buy.


Now Germany and the world are starting to change once again, and we all need to make further adjustments to help each other. We hope that the “second wave” will also be over soon.



The situation changes daily and all around the world we face different challenges at different times.


The health and safety of all our staff is always our highest priority and we are doing everything we can to ensure everyone feels safe and valued.


Since 01.01.2021 staff have been working in our premises one at a time. Please make an appointment in advance on: +49 177 806 1227





At the moment we have delivery times on customised orders of at least 9 - 12 weeks.

Please excuse our long delivery times, but we have a lot of orders to process at the moment.


Our delivery times for standard sizes currently require at least 4-5 weeks.

Due to the high number of orders, we unfortunately need this time.


Working days means Monday - Friday. 



Indulge in Fetish, despite Corona




What do you do in a “lockdown”?

How do you cope with a “lockdown”?

And who is this Mr. Rubber Denmark anyway?



We were somewhat creative for you and developed more than just our sourdough baking skills during the lockdown.


  • ·        New Concept – Click & Collect
  • ·       Art & Culture – Latex on Canvas – Support your Community – SAR Meets Music
  • ·       New Collections – Photographs by Andreas Fux, Victor Martínez Moreno, Enrico Nawrath 
  • ·       New Collection begins 05.06.2021
  • ·       SAR ART is still in “LOCKDOWN” (P)ART III begins 09.06.2021
  • ·       SAR Meets Music begins 12.06.2021

SAR will be completely closed until 15.03.202. There is only one colleague of ours who will face the virus and be available for YOU in the studio: OUR DOMININK.

We are voluntarily foregoing large turnovers because the welfare of our staff is our first priority. Our rooms are too small to provide a fair and safe working space for all three tailors.

And Jacob, the Mr. Rubber of Dänemark: "He´s nothing" ! 



 For all APPOINTMENTS for CLICK & COLLECT and for measurements, please email at: . 

Dominik will then send you an appointment.


 Our Thank You to you:

 Thank you all for your generous understanding during this terrible situation. 


Support local businesses!


Our Promotion/Campaign during the Corona-Crisis:

As some of you have already noticed, there is the possibility to support us during this difficult time. 

All you have to do is order one of our latex face masks. In addition to the mask you will also get a 25€ voucher, which you can use for your next order.


Thank you!

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