How do I care for my latex clothes?



You must take care when storing your latex garments:

  • protect from daylight
  • store at a moderate temperature
  • do not store in damp conditions (do not store in silicone oil)
  • do not store heavy products in a hanging position (it is always best to store them lying down).

The perfect storage:

Lying down in a transparent zip-lock bag (food pressure seal bags are ideal as they do not contain plasticisers (softening agents) which could damage the latex). Caution: coloured plastic bags may stain. The garment must be dry. Please pay attention to the zip on the garment, it needs a longer drying time.

Silicone oil gives a perfect shine, but is extremely unsuitable for storage.

A dark box is the best storage box.

My TIP: Every two weeks try to take your latex garment out, turn it over in your hand (from right to left), and put it back in the same bag. Latex wants to be moved. If it is not moved for months, rubber can deteriorate (develop a rubber cancer) very quickly.

Rubber cancer loves silicone oil, so you should never store your favourite piece with silicone oil.



At the end of the day, it's always up to you how you clean your latex, but here's what I suggest.

Put lukewarm water in the bathtub and wash your outfit with plenty of dishwashing detergent (Fit or Pril). You can wash all your similar-coloured garments in the same water. Then just rinse the latex with clean water and let it dry.

You can theoretically use a washing machine and dryer or special latex detergent, but in my opinion it is absolute nonsense.

My TIP: If you wear your latex clothes often, clean them once every four weeks with a vinegar cleaner (e.g. from Rossmann) and use it like washing up liquid). You will notice the difference when you wash it.



Simply rinse the latex garment with clean water until the talcum powder residue is completely washed out.

Then put some lukewarm water in the bathtub and put the suit or outfit in the bathtub. Use very simple silicone oil (from the medical field).

Pour two or three teaspoons of silicone oil into the water.

Pull your outfit through the silicone water from the right and left side and let it dry on a hanger.

When you've got your outfit on, you can then easily polish it with a damp flannel that has been wetted with silicone oil beforehand and you'll look perfect for your evening in rubber.

My TIP: You don't need expensive silicone oil from EROS or SWISS, plain old silicone oil is really enough.



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