Attila Hartwig, Enrico Nawrath, Philipp Baben der Erde, David Giersch, CicoCihan, Andreas Fux, Manuel Cortez or even other renowned photographers inevitably stand for an expression of a way of life that found its echo in the latex fashion and fetish scene.


From playful to bizarre, from simply beautiful to ingenious, photos of unprecedented brilliance and aesthetics were created in photo shoots unforgotten by all involved.



For over 10 years, the slogan "Fetish meets Fashion" has defined my life and become my personal and professional passion.


The position as former designer of the fetish brand "RubAddiction" and current designer of my fashion label SAR Berlin gave and gives me the opportunity to visualise, process, style and prepare latex for photo shoots in such a supportive way that it is easy for every photographer to focus only on their "creative work".


There are no limits to your creative ideas. Any mix of latex, leather, fur, or other materials is possible and can be modified or designed by us according to your ideas.


Just have a look at my blog and let yourself be enchanted and inspired by the photos, which will give you a first impression of how inspiring and exciting the product "latex" can be.


If I was able to convince you, or if you still have questions, or if you simply want to "book" me directly, then just contact me via email. I look forward to styling with you!

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