Corona update 5


3% VAT savings for German customers, only for customers with a German delivery and billing address.

The 3% discount is automatically applied to the shopping cart as soon as you log into the account.


Germany is a different place than the one we all knew.

In the past few months we have all been challenged to think differently and act differently. Adaptation and the constant wearing of a mask have partly taken away our desire to buy.


Now Germany and the world are beginning to change again and we have to make further adjustments to help each other, we will also wait anxiously for the "second wave" in this terrible corona season and hope that it will pass us by .


The situation changes daily and we face different challenges at different times around the world.


The health and safety of all employees is always our top priority and we do everything we can to make everyone feel safe and valued.





We currently have delivery times for custom-made products of at least 9 weeks.

Please excuse our long delivery times, but we currently have a lot of orders to process.


Our delivery times for standard sizes currently require at least 4-5 weeks.

Due to the high order situation, we unfortunately need the time.


Working days means Monday - Friday.



During the entire Corona season, our employees will only work individually in the studio and can be found there.




Indulge in the fetish despite Corona


In 2020 Appelt photographed the current 2020 sportswear collection with photographer MO Oturak.


Thanks to the successful fashion photographer Oturak, who likes to stay in the background and avoid the hustle and bustle, Appelt has rediscovered his fashion extremism.


After many years, Appelt rediscovered latex couture for himself for the first time.


The pictures will be published at the end of November.








The designer and his photographer or the photographer and his designer muse,

what the roles of the two best friends really are - we will probably never find out.


But nobody can deny that Appelt and Fux have been supporting and motivating each other for exactly 20 years.


"The best ideas in our work came from a well-groomed

Gin & Tonic from Ulf, in the legendary Borchards ", says Andreas Fux.


In Velten, a really boring and sad place in the Mark Brandenburg region, the two friends started producing a film, a film about fetish? about pain? about photography or about design?


Neither of the two reveals anything - except: "It's constricting, the way I felt in 2016, to stifle this feeling through the stupidity of others," replied Appelt.


Why LA?


"After the separation from RubAddiction and Alexander Nemitz, the least educated person from Berlin, for me there was only disappearing, disappearing and finding myself and that is best done at the end of the world, for me at the most beautiful end of the world." - Sven Appelt


Sven lived in Los Angeles in the gallery of his friend Justin, who has now made the exhibition possible for the two friends.


The joint works of the two friends will be exhibited in Los Angeles, and Appelt will also exhibit his work with 20th Century Fox, some of which were accompanied by Andreas Fux.


Due to Corona the exhibition was postponed to 2021 and we hope that this exhibition will take place.


When I asked why Appelt or Fux didn't want to tell us something about the project, they both smiled and Appelt quoted Edgar Wasser:



 We don't need this-that-make-up

That only runs when the rain is wet

You can't see what we're thinking anyway

These masks are weatherproof


We wear them every day

We think they have always been there

We don't really know either




-Edgar Wasser-






Our thanks to you


Thank you for ALL of you to have such a great understanding for us in this terrible situation.


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Our actions in the corona crisis:

As some of you have already noticed, there is an opportunity to support us through this difficult time.

All you have to do is order one of our latex face masks. In addition to the mask, you will also receive a 25 € voucher from us, which you can redeem with your next order.

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