Made to Measure Service at Home or in a Hotel ... Our VIP service

  • You are working hard ?
  • You do not have time to go to Berlin?
  • You sit in a wheelchair or hats another handicap?
  • You want an anonymous environment?
  • Or you want to organize a „Made to Measure Party"?

Often we get requests for hotel or home visits, to make a Made a Measure Service.
Because our customers either have no time to drive to Berlin, have a handicap or wish an anonymous environment.

We offer a surveying service in a hotel or at your home.

From Monday to Friday you can book our service.

The request for „Made to Measure Parties" has also increased significantly.
We measure in a friendly round with friends and accept the orders.

What are the costs for you?

The prices are linked to the current fares.
There is no surcharge for air ticket or train ticket.

Place of survey
As a rule, there is a Motel One in every major city.
Should you wish to make an appointment at home, please send us a request to:

Expense allowance
The expense allowance is calculated as a percentage of the order value.

For a non-binding cost estimate, please send us a request to:

We also like to survey several people.
For "Survey parties" please send us a request to: